Empowering People. Changing Lives.

ARC was born out of a passion and love for South Africa, a beautiful country with many problems, but tremendous potential. Recognizing that potential, we work toward real change in a part of the world that seems to have been forgotten.

About ARC

The millions of AIDS orphans, high unemployment, lack of educational and healthcare services and dwindling natural resources in South Africa inspired ARC's founders to carve out a part of the country in which to focus attention and energy. We are working as partners with local residents and leaders in the greater Kruger Park region, empowering them to create sustainable change in their communities. To improve the quality of life in the poorest region of South Africa, we focus our attention on education, healthcare and conservation. 

Our Role

We are facilitators of a dialogue with rural communities to assess needs.

We are managers of budgets, planning and project implementation.

We are communicators who must carry the message of need to our donors.

We are partners. Most importantly, everything ARC accomplishes, we accomplish in partnership with communities, government officials, other NGOs working in the region and our generous donors.