Conservation Education

Teaching children from a very young age about the importance of caring for the animals and land is an important step to grooming future conservation-smart generations, who will be good stewards of their environment.

ARC partners with the Timbavati Foundation, whose mission centers on conservation education, delivering in-school conservation messages to nearly 1,000 students each year. This year they will be bringing wildlife instructors to ARC’s Nhlengelo School with special animal education, including field trips to animal rehabilitation centers so they can see the animals up close. And Timbavati Foundation will also be teaching the children about taking care of the land by building a netted garden that will supply additional fresh food for the school.

ARC also provides funding for the Timbavati Foundation’s Bush School, an on-site learning center where area high school students receive two weeks of intensive conservation education. Students are educated about the importance of taking care of the environment—plants and animals—and prepares them for possible future careers in wildlife fields.

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