Conservation Research

Conservation Research

Understanding animal behavior, habitat use, environmental impacts, human conflict and other issues such as encroachment and diseases that impact on the wildlife populations is critical to the protection and conservation of these magnificent animals.

ARC has funded several animal research projects primarily concerned with understanding the demographics and movement of large cats, specifically cheetah and leopards. The projects were executed in the Greater Kruger Park area as well as the Timbavati Private Game Preserve. Our goal with all animal research projects is to protect the dwindling animal population—especially the big cats, whose populations have seen major declines over the past ten years. The cheetah population in Africa is seven percent of what it was at the turn of the 20th century. The lion population has dwindled from 200,000 to less than 20,000.

The preservation of the animal populations is critical to the vibrancy of the tourism industry, which provides the majority of jobs for people in the region. ARC will continue to fund animal research.

You can help ARC protect these majestic animals—and benefit the people who rely on them for a healthy economy.

Conservation Research Conservation Research