Educational Support

Educational Support

It takes more than buildings to create a successful educational experience. That’s why ARC works with school staff, community residents and other organizations to ensure that children and staff have the tools to succeed. In addition, ARC plans to provide programming that will help adults achieve their dreams.

Uniforms and School Fees

Many children in the region cannot afford uniforms, supplies or school fees for secondary and post-secondary education. In 2012, ARC bought uniforms for 63 children ranging in age from 5 – 17. Many of these children, like the little boy seen here, are orphans. We also provided school fees for a dozen children attending fee-based schools, including three university students majoring in biochemistry, computer technology and nursing.

Educational Programming

Continuing education for our teachers and expanded educational opportunities for our students, especially in the arts, is on the ARC agenda for future projects.

Adult Education & Skills Training

Adult education is a critical component of ARC’s work. 30% of all adults over the age of 20 in Mpumalanga have had no schooling or formal education, yet the literacy rate is over 80%. The desire and will to learn is there—but educational opportunities are lacking.

Future plans for the Nhlengelo School site include the construction of an adult education center where courses in everything from literacy to computer competency to job skills training will be available to local residents. Our ultimate goal is to create a comprehensive community educational center on the site.

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Educational Support